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Why train with becky?


For the last 8 years I've professionally dedicated myself to a life of health and fitness, training people all around world from London to Bermuda, Saudi Arabia to Singapore.  I've worked with athletes, royalty and other high profile clients and created the training and nutrition programs that have helped hundreds of people like you transform their body and live healthier lives.

Achieving this success isn't always easy though, and I would hedge my bets that at some point in the past you've tried a training program or diet and it didn't work out, right?

Well, here's what I've discovered over the years.  Failure to succeed and see results is usually down to a combination of factors: 

  • Your willpower is limited, more so than you probably think, it's actually been proven in numerous studies to diminish throughout the day.  So unless you're smart about setting up a solid plan, and one that you can realistically follow despite waning willpower, you'll almost certainly make bad choices that won't align with your goals.
  • Accountability is crucial too, especially if you don't naturally 'love' to exercise and eat well.  How many times have you skipped a workout because you just 'can't be bothered', it's not as if anyone else will know or care anyway?  
  • Having unrealistic expectations can kill your desire to go the full course.  We'd all like to drop a dress size in a couple of days, or watch the scales go down easily and consistently every week, but these kind of outcomes are rare.  The problem is, if you expect to see progress every week and every month, you will almost inevitably be disappointed when you don't hit the mark each time, and as a result the likelihood of you quitting prematurely increases.  It's ironic, but people tend to quit just before real results start to show. 
  • Similarly, lacking patience is a problem.  If you compare two people who were to follow a 3 month and a 12 month program, the person on the 12 month program will always see far greater results then the person on the 3 month program.  I know this sounds obvious, but again, the need for instant gratification usually leaves you feeling frustrated and ultimately you'll likely fall off the wagon and potentially stay there for good.

This all sounds a bit negative, I know!  But actually knowing what the things are that are holding you back from transforming your body into the physique you've always dreamed of, is the first step to helping you set up a system to guarantee your success.

You're smart, you know you need to workout and that a good training regime and solid nutrition plan are important.  But as we’ve seen, there’s more to it than that. 

I'm sure the prospect of starting on a training program and trying to get into great shape is outside of your comfort zone.  I know that exercising can be hard and that food restriction is no fun. 

You’ve perhaps tried training programs before, possibly many times, and you’re wondering what’s going to be different this time?

For anyone who’s ever met me or worked with me, there’s one thing you’ll know: nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients succeed.  Literally I get my kicks from kicking you into great shape!  This means your challenges are my challenges, so when you’re struggling I’ll be there to ensure you come out the other side.  I’m personally invested in your success.

And that’s what will be different this time.  I’ll not only give you the tools to achieve your dream physique, but I’ll coach you, inspire you and keep you accountable throughout the whole process.  Failure just isn’t an option. 



HOw does Your Complete Body Transformation Program work?


Step 1 – Defining your goals

  • Knowing what you want to achieve is the first crucial step - let’s get specific about your goals.
  • Why are your goals important to you?  What’s your motivation?
  • And how committed are you to achieving your goals? (scale 1-10)    

Step 2 – Evaluating Your Health & Fitness

A detailed initial assessment will be carried out to evaluate the best approach and time frame in which to achieve your goals.  This will include:

  • Body-fat assessment
  • Tape Measurements
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Lifestyle Evaluation 
  • Fitness Testing

Step 3 – Designing Your Personalised Transformation Program

Your comprehensive programme will include each of the 6 components required for you to succeed:

  • Nutrition Program: the foundation for optimal health and fitness, and essential for fat loss and transforming your body shape
  • Supplementation: to fill in the voids in your nutritional programme
  • Resistance training: to increase your lean muscle mass & metabolism (crucial for fat burning), whilst also improving strength & sculpting the body
  • Cardiovascular exercise: to accelerate fat burning and optimise weight loss
  • Flexibility: to prevent injury and promote recovery
  • Coaching: to give you the knowledge, support, motivation and accountability to truly succeed throughout the entire process

Step 4 – Implementing Your Personalised Program

  • Coaching and training sessions are conducted on a private 1:1 basis.  
  • The number and length of training sessions will be dependent on your individual needs and goals.  But typically training 5-6 days per week is initially required to accelerate your results.  This may be reduced as you make progress.
  • Full implementation of your personalised nutrition program.  I take into account your bodies dietary needs based on your goals and training program to optimise fat loss, whilst also taking into consideration your individual tastes and food preferences.
  • Lifestyle coaching to help you develop simple strategies and approaches to the health and fitness challenges you face, helping you to make better decisions with regards to your wellbeing, so your fat loss results can be enjoyed long term.
  • I provide you with all the coaching, motivation, inspiration and accountability you need to ensure you stay on track to reach your goals.

Step 5 – Progress Tracking & Assessments

At 2-4 week intervals throughout your transformation program we’ll evaluate your progress and continue to track body fat and inch loss measurements.  Based on your results, updates to your program and adjustments will be made where necessary.  We’ll be looking at:

  • What are your successes?
  • What are your challenges?
  • How can we continue to improve your program and maximise results?

How long does The programme last?

This is dependent on your goals, motivation and level of commitment. Most clients begin training 5-6 sessions per week over a 6 month period.  Your specific recommended training protocol will be discussed after your initial assessment.

I’ll work with you until you reach your initial goals, at this point we’ll look to transition you onto a maintenance programme. 

My goal is to not only transform your body, but change your lifestyle habits for the better and cultivate a positive outlook on living a fit and healthy life each and every day.  Ultimately your wellbeing is not a destination, but a lifelong journey, and it is my passion and purpose to guide you in the right direction.

If you need more help, I’m here to support you!







Becky's wealth of training knowledge and adaptable training style has made her a highly sought after expert in the fields of fitness and nutrition coaching.  Her clientele have ranged from royalty, CEOs, business professionals, amateur and semi-professional athletes, models, military serviceman and busy full time parents.  The demand for Becky's training expertise has taken her all around the globe, she has trained clients in various locations including: London, Paris, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia and the Far East. 

As a specialist in burning body fat fast, sculpting problem areas and creating lean physics, Becky tailor makes her programs to suit her client’s individual lifestyles and specific needs, guaranteeing them results. 

A former competitive tennis player at the junior level, Becky now trains for and competes in fitness and physique competitions. During her competitive career to date, she has won 3 international competitions in the US and UK the Bikini and Muscle Model categories, and placed in the top 5 in several other events.  

Becky has featured multiple times in the British newspaper, The Telegraph, and is a regular contributor to the Bermuda national newspaper, The Royal Gazette.  She has a strong online presence, through which she seeks to advise others, as well as inspire, motivate and encourage a wider audience to pursue fitter, healthier and happier lives. 

Working hard to maintain her own fitness and consistently challenging herself, Becky takes the same attitude when working with her clients.  She believes that motivation, inspiration, perseverance, and a little sweat will get you looking and feeling the way you’ve always wanted.





Muhammad Aljunied lost a total of 35kg. He reached his transformation goal in 2014 and today still continues to maintain his fat loss goals, whilst enjoying training and inspiring his son and family to embrace the fit life too.

And many, many more fitter, happier and healthier clients!



What's Included in Your Total Body Transformation Package?


  • Exclusive unlimited 1:1 training with Body Transformation Expert Becky Wright in location of your choice.
  • Complete client confidentiality and discretion at all times.
  • Health, fitness and lifestyle evaluation and assessments.
  • Goal setting, progress tracking and regular re-assessment throughout the transformation process.
  • Custom design of your training program to meet your needs and goals, taking into consideration your current schedule and commitments.
  • Tailor made nutrition program and supplementation protocol.
  • Support, coaching, motivation and guidance every step of the way on your journey to achieving your dream physique.


Your results are 100% guaranteed!


To discuss your Body Transformation Program with Becky, please contact: or fill out the request form below.  

Thank you.

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